I have written two books: The People’s Money: How China is building a global currency (Columbia University Press, 2016) and The Cost of Free Money (Yale University Press, 2020). I also regularly write for newspapers and websites, and appear on radio and TV as a commentator on economics. 

I am Professor of International Economics and Chair Advisory Board at the Global Policy Institute at Queen Mary, University of London, and Adjunct Professor at the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Bologna. Previously, I was Director of International Economics Research at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) for over ten years. 

I am a non-executive director of Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust PLC and BlackRock Greater Europe Investment Trust PLC.

I am the founder and director of Essential Economics, an independent economic research service which specialises in identifying and analysing macroeconomic trends. Drawing on expertise in the international monetary system, global financial imbalances, international capital flows and international financial centres, Essential Economics provides clients with robust tailored research that helps them to mitigate risk and to create opportunity at the international level.

Paola Subacchi


You can read a preview of my latest book The Cost of Free Money on Google Books here