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NatureFrom gold to Bitcoin and beyond
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OECD Development MattersThe debt burden: why ex-post intervention shouldn’t be the default option
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Econopoly Perché lo yuan digitale non è una sfida alla supremazia del dollaro
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Aspenia Moneta e confini
QMUL Global Policy Institute Can multilateralism ease the burden of international debt?
Yale Books Blog US Dominance is Over, but China Won’t Take its Place
Financial TimesLetter: The welcome return of an active industrial policy
OECD Development MattersThe G20 and the failure of policy coordination during COVID-19
Nikkei Asian ReviewChina’s yuan policy has made Hong Kong redundant
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South China Morning PostAn attempt to freeze China out of the US dollar system will hasten decoupling, but not to America’s advantage
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The Global Governance Project The evolution and effectiveness of the W20
Financial Times Ties with China won’t help Italy’s economic malaise
South China Morning PostDebt-laden Italy eyes China’s belt and road, risking more than just the wrath of Donald Trump and the EU
Globe and Mail If Italy elects to take China’s Silk Road, it should tread with caution
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Financial TimesTrump did not just appear out of the blue
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Globe and MailIn one fell stroke, a new geography of finance for London and beyond
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Le Monde Quel leadership américain dans un monde multipolaire ?
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Foreign PolicyGreece’d Lightning and the Italian Stallion
Project SyndicateRenzi’s Choice, Europe’s Loss
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Prospect Politics is hindering infrastructure investment
ProspectThe global non-system
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